When I Was a Girl & Life Was Yet Ahead

Performative Fashion Installation series, 1st episode
20.10.17 ARS Project Space

Sound artist: Mihkel Maripuu
Performers: Anete, Gabirela and Saskia (ICON); Elis Lisete, Juula Mia and Malvik (MJ Model Management); Nikita and Robi (Sage Management)

Garments shape the wearer's body and direct the general physical attitude. Styling and manipulating visible aspects of identity enable a transformation of characteristics based on which social interaction takes place. The exhibition recognizes that meanings of garments are social agreements and definitions may be dispersed and undefined. Affected by social development, existing perceptions may become obsolete and restrictions may outdate. The borders and transitions are delicate. Unlike a static installation, moving and embodied presentation draws parallels with mundane daily fashion wear, building references to the environment external of the gallery space. Visual narrative is supported by specially designed sound, different disciplines are coming together, creating a temporary presentation with multiple viewpoints. It’s a one-off passing experience.

Photos: Alan Proosa, Laivi