Performative Fashion Installation series, 4th episode
19.10.19 Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Duration: 50 min

Video and sound artist: Mihkel Maripuu
Lights: Oliver Kulpsoo
Dramaturgy: Henri Hütt
Performers: Alan Proosa, Laura Nen, Stella Kruusamägi, Karina Kirs, Angela Pilliroog and Jaan Männima
Make-up and hair: Eliise Brigita Mõisamaa

POSTEDEN is a poetic spectacle, an emotional reflection of mundane situations. Clothing is seen as the material embodiment of post-Edenic spirit: illustrating dystopia and abstracting the body. The destiny of clothed bodies is to accept the unnatural situation as the new norm. The order that relieves the fear of the unknown is artificial. Clothing both conceals and uncovers the body and mind. Disdain and love express the longing for unity. The stable state of satisfaction is unachievable, feeding the yearning for change. The cycle of life is repeating, yet on the individual level, every recurrence is a new experience. The concept of constant change - the main characteristic of fashion - is illustrated by transformations happening on the stage. Mythical changing “beings” feed imagination, expressing the cyclical nature of desire and hunger for satisfaction, eternal youth, rebirth and immortality. The performance reflects on contrast and similarities between nature and culture. Primitivity, savagery, unconsciousness and instincts as synonyms of nature are in discussion with form, order, meaning and idealism as synonyms of culture. Partly apocalyptic scenery is complemented by strictly controlled movements. Balancing requires sensitivity.

Photos: Alissa Šnaider