Performative Fashion Installation series, 3rd episode
27.10.18 VII NU Performance Festival (Object with Audience), ARS Project Space
Duration: 50 min

Festival curators: Mihkel Ilus and Henri Hütt
Sound artist: Mihkel Maripuu
Lights: Rommi Ruttas
Videos: Lauri Suurväli and Mihkel Maripuu
Performers: Elo, Nella and Francesco (ICON), Lii Heleen and Laura Elis (Living Models), Naddie Plohoodeta
Make-up and hair: Eliise Brigita Mõisamaa

As part of the series of performative fashion installations, “Mystifying Mundane” presents and analyses various aspects of fashion as an all-encompassing phenomenon. Materiality is aesthetic and external, and form and texture are constantly pressured by the desire for change. The immaterial nature of fashion manifests itself outside of objects. The staged situation is a study on the effect that the selected objects have on their surrounding atmosphere. When the audience entered the space, they faced still standing models: frozen bodies reminiscent of hyper-realistic mannequins. The still standing models evoked the uncomfortable feeling of steadiness. Frozen models presented an image that the audience was able to examine from different perspectives. A moving camera was recording the event, the footage was presented on a screen near the entrance and also available online via Instagram LIVE. Comments made by online viewers were screened to the offline audience - creating a dialogue between different perceptions and enabling to analyse the effect of digitalization on consumer behaviour and experience. The evolvement of the performance was dictated by the specially created sound design. During the second stage of the performance, the models removed their garments, layer by layer, and left the items on a large hanging clothing rack, giving the audience a chance for closer inspection.

Photos: Kristo Sild, Laivi