Mapping Paradise
solo exhibition
13.02 - 23.02.2024 ARS Art Factory, Project Space, Tallinn

Mapping serves as a dynamic method, enabling a comprehensive understanding and mastery over a given territory. This potent tool not only facilitates observation of vast landscapes but also unveils dimensions previously hidden or unimaginable.

The map transcends mere representation, becoming a distinct territory, separate from its reflection. This dual projection exposes only a provisional fragment of the multidimensional identity. Empty surfaces symbolise untapped potential within the unknown, while dark areas conceal a captivating utopia within their multifaceted nature.

Portraying spatiality and multiple dimensions on a two-dimensional plane highlights the relativity of abstraction. Emerging paradoxes underscore the complexity of varied definitions and the challenge of encapsulating a wealth of data within limited space.

The outcome is a fragmented reflection, with open surfaces laid bare for insights to unfold. This poetic and aesthetic narrative engages in a profound dialogue with everyday reality, capturing both clarity and a distinctive sense of displaced space and time.

Navigating these ethereal landscapes encourages exploration beyond familiar boundaries, signifying shared territories of hopes and dreams. The journey extends beyond mere geographical coordinates, reaching into the unexpected twists and turns of an odyssey, creating a map of aspirations and undiscovered possibilities.

Photos: Roman-Sten Tõnissoo