Performative Fashion Installation series, 2nd episode
16.03.18 ARS Project Space
Sound artist: Mihkel Maripuu

For “Long Live Trashed Bodies”, garments, accessories and other objects were presented as static sculptures in a completely dark space, where members of the audience had to use flashlights to find them. The beams of light slashing the darkness, and the play of moving shadows, became the performative element of the night. Spectators became performers: destructing the protective darkness veiling the objects. The visual experience was complemented by sound design, specially created for the event, including a textual part describing all objects on display. The exhibition explored aspects of emotional intimacy between garments and people. Clothing is seen as a metaphorically rich medium, loaded with conscious and subconscious interpretations. Presented objects worked with the theme of crystallising fleeting time in clothing and combining temporary and permanent materials to create results with questionable durability and value. The performance attempted to demystify the abstract phenomenon of fashion through capturing and visualising the zeitgeist. As fashion is often described, the experience is brief, changing and disappearing. The visitor leaves with a memory of the felt emotion.

Photos: Mihkel Maripuu, Laivi