Killer Image: Shifting Modes of Desire

duo show with Mihkel Maripuu
26.04 - 15.05.17 Hobusepea Gallery

There are two instruments for purposeful manipulating: material and idea. The sum of all possibilities is imperceptible chaos where the order should be created while ignoring disorder. We are interpreting mental ideas into the physical matter while searching, defining and understanding - for a moment. The essence of art is an assiduous act of an unattainable truth, realizing ideas in the physical matter: creating identifiable associations between the perceived idea and the conquered matter. Qualitative analysis. Perfection is unattainable as it is inevitable that the result of a concept becoming matter will be equivocal, general or ambiguous. The visual outcome depends on the way abstraction works. Choices are stylistic. The connection between material and the created product is both physical and immaterial. While sensing the intrinsic characteristics, meanings and restrictions of chosen materials, we adjust and apply the concept accordingly. Mundane realization tests the amplitude of a human-size object. What can we depict as an image and a word after all? To express the essence of existence? Is it only the aptitude of translating the complex idea that we really value? According to the first impression and appearance? Does an image talk? Is language, being more explicit, more efficient than matter? Words don't guarantee understanding, however, help to express viewpoints, offer support and protection. Trying to understand is human; yet, every interpretation is personal, with the mixed layers of consciousness and subconsciousness. An artwork is a border between the inner and outer world of an artist. The starting point and choices change together with one's identity: personal convictions and social belonging. The present moment is connected to the choices of both the past and the future.

Photos: Mihkel Maripuu